Pre and post production stock control

Monitor the volumes of raw material and processed products at any moment, as well as their value, average costs and much more.


Total control at any moment

Keep track of your stock of raw material, semi-finished product or finished product at all times. Achieve a competitive advantage in the market by monitoring your costs in real time, by controlling the average price of your raw material so that market fluctuations do not affect your stability.

Manage the maintenance of your assets

Whether they are products or assets in your industrial plant, turn them into smart assets and control their tracking, a wide variety of data, documentation and much more from a unique platform.

Bidirectional tracking

Maintain a complete tracking of assets and all their history by filtering by lots, dates, weights, materials, locations and other asset data.

Make the supply chain and all its value visible

Stay one step ahead of your competitors thanks to the analytical power of our system, visualize the metrics to achieve a better understanding of the market than anyone else and take a winning strategy.