Track your assets anytime

More efficient than ever: Identify all your assets individually to achieve total tracking and document management.

Transportation & Logistics

Make the supply chain and all its value visible

Stay one step ahead of your competitors thanks to the analytical power of our system, visualize the metrics to achieve a better understanding of the market than anyone else and take a winning strategy.

Save time in the receipt of assets with immediate transactions

With Vitum platform, you will be able to instantly and automatically identify the incoming and outgoing assets of your warehouse.

Change the assets location no matter who and when

The platform allows you to record and audit all the changes made, relocate the assets, and the system deals with the update of the information for you.


Manage returnable assets

Track those key assets to keep a control of their use, avoid theft and loss, and increase their return percentage to make the most of your business.

Bidirectional tracking

Maintain a complete tracking of assets and all their history by filtering by lots, dates, weights, materials, locations and other asset data.