About Us

Our mission is to ensure companies an improvement in the efficiency of their operations, by reducing their environmental impact and promoting a business model based on the circular economy and social responsibility.

Vitum aims to revolutionize the pallet sector by improving the operations of manufacturing companies and their customers, by reducing the carbon footprint, promoting a circular economy and digitalizing a traditional sector.

Beyond the pallet sector, we have detected that our solutions are suitable for many other business sectors that require solutions to these same problems. And for this reason, we work every day to become a standard platform in the industry, by benefiting and creating value for everyone.

A key factor in this project is the commitment to social return. Vitum works in close cooperation with the Fundaciones de Plataforma Educativa network, with the aim of providing quality education and employability to people in situations of social vulnerability. Plataforma Educativa brings several social initiative organizations together with an innovative vision, working together to improve the quality of life of people at risk.

A great team, a HUMAN team

Talent and experience, Vitum has a great multidisciplinary team prepared to lead big changes.

Sergi Tarrenchs

CEO & Founder

Albert Rosa


Lluís Casanovas


Guillem Guerrero

Software Developer

Aurelio Aragonés

Software Architect

Darío Zorrilla

Front-End Developer

Lucía Zorrilla

Content Marketing Specialist