Tracking, data analytics and full asset management

Vitum allows you to identify and track all your assets individually. Achieve total tracking and document management. Easy, quick and efficient.

An all-in-one platform for jumping on the Industry 4.0 in the easiest, fastest and most scalable way

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Save time controlling assets

Identify and monitor your assets and its information individually in just one click

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Track your actives wherever they are

Individual total tracking of assets in any exterior or interior place to avoid loss and thefts


Seize the potential of Big Data

Make strategic decisions based on data to achieve a competitive advantage

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Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

Facilitate and automatize the communication with your customers by digitizing all the information in a fast and simple way

We find solutions for your day-to-day big problems


The platform that will take your business to the next level

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Data sovereignty

Make the most of all your data with Big Data analytics and AI algorithms in order to generate a competitive advantage. Extract key metrics, visualize them graphically to analize, to identify relations, to generate reports and to go into action. Don't let anybody or anything stop you from heading into the operational excellence.

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Una trazabilidad completa​

Monitor real-time status and location of your assets anytime. You have the control of the complete tracking of your assets in order to display all the value chain and identify hidden patterns and trends in your business.

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Una plataforma a tu medida​

Like going to the tailor's, a flexible platform tailored to your needs. Customize the platform as you want, create your own assets and their properties, define your own metrics, add as many customers as you wish, assign roles, and much more.

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Digitalization of your business

Access all the documents more easily than ever, manage, filter and associate them with one or several assets simultaneously and request digital signatures from your employees, partners and clients. Automatize communication, define what information you want to share and keep a direct communication channel that will increase customer satisfaction.

Everything is great, but here comes the icing on the cake... Our social values

By using our service you contribute directly to creating new jobs for people at risk of social exclusion or with disabilities. Find out more about our values.